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WE are a streaming audio & podcasting concern based in miami

All Points West is a group of podcasters; we are communicators who serve clients that recognize the most effective way of reaching the most desirable demographics is through ; we are a full-service studio that works with voice talent and helps develop brand communications strategies; and we are a part of the fabric of our city, committed to making our home a better place to live. Yeah, we're a startup, but that's not just startup talk. We organize, take direct action and interact with the actual residents where we live. 


What's your idea? What story do you want to tell? In a world of dwindling attention spans, almost all evidence points to streaming audio on mobile devices as the last bastion for deep interaction. Not everything can be shared in a tweet or a snap. 


Streaming audio doesn't need our help -- it's gaining market share every day. Every moment, more people discover podcasts they love. Our mission is to help open the door for those who don't know what they're missing out on. We have big plans and intend to push hard on boundaries.


Our challenge to organizations that spend millions of dollars every year on communications teams and plans: give us one year. Let us produce something special for you, for pennies on the dollar of what you're paying your PR agency or social media consultants, and see if it doesn't do more to elevate your brand than press releases and PR stunts ever could. 

We are a miami company

We take community seriously. While we have operations all over the place, our home base is Miami and Las Vegas. We have strong roots in these cities. We are building something that is uniquely Miami, and as we open our doors to our neighbors we aim to become a hub for all manner of creative work in the near future. 

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Meet Our Team.

the founders


THE FOUNDER David Quiñones is the founder and managing principle of All Points West. He fell in love with audio storytelling during his time as a journalist with the Miami Herald, Televisa, Reuters and Fusion. Along with running day-to-day operations, he also hosts Bird Road Podcast, the first show on the All Points West Network. 

THE OTHER FOUNDERDavid Rosen is the cofounder of All Points West. He is an accomplished composer and musician whose work has appeared in numerous film scores, four full length albums, and a slew of commercially released projects. He cohosts Bird Road Podcast with David Quiñones, and also hosts Piecing It Together, the second show on the All Points West Network. 




MONIKA LEAL Monika is the cohost of Entre Dos Podcast, a podcast about raisting bilingual children. She is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and an advocate for early bilingual education. 

PAULA NIÑO KEHR Paula is the cohost of Entre Dos Podcast and is a Houston-based freelance writer and nationally recognized blogger who has covered topics from anti-money laundering and fraud to food and cuisine to the greater Houston metro area. 



PRODUCERS We work with talented producers of content whose experience ranges from corporate studios to DIY setups. 

BIZDEV We know exactly where we are going as a company, and to help us get there we work with business development pros who can see the path.

COMMUNICATORS Writers, reporters, on-air talent and storytellers of all stripes are welcome here. Along with sharing compelling stories, we also need help telling our own. 

EDITORS Quality work doesn't happen by accident. In our world, this means many sets of critical editorial eyes pouring over all product until it meets the standards for All Points West.